Apple Blows Up Maps and Makes it Their Own in iOS 6


As expected, Apple has announced a brand new mapping solution available in iOS 6. The new app is designed from the ground up, and contains cartography done by Apple (no more Google maps to be found here). New features include a traffic service, incident reports, 3D mapping, local search and much more. Anonymous real-time crowd sourcing increases traffic accuracy, and finally included is turn-by-turn navigation which brings up your route and watches traffic along the entire way. Siri is integrated as well; ask her where  you can get gas or if you’re there yet, and she will respond–you can even initiate turn-by-turn navigation by asking her how to get somewhere. Flyover is a new feature that brings you up the in the air for viewing maps in 3D like you’ve never seen before. Maps are all vector based with fast zooming and labeling.