Apple Talks Mountain Lion – Dictation, Notifications, Sharing and More, Come to the Mac


Among the announcements at the WWDC keynote event include a preview into the new operating system Mountain Lion. The new operating system brings some features that we were already  aware of, including a notification center and iCloud support; but the depth of support and new features are getting more details. Here’s the summary so far.

iCloud & Safari– iCloud support is all over the new OS. A tab within Safari lets you see what pages you are reading on your other devices; plus, Safari itself is getting a whole lot quicker with the fastest search in a browser. Better gesture support, clearer tabbed browsing lets you see active pages

Dictation– Allows you to dictate like you would with Siri or the new iPad, speeding up input dramatically. You can dictate anywhere on the mac, to post a new tweet or just type anywhere.

Sharing – Sharing is very much like in iOS, allowing you to post to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more, with the click of one button.

Notification Center– Stores all of your notifications and is always available. Latest tweets, emails, iMessages, etc. are all present with a two finger swipe and lets you interact.

Power Nap– This feature updates your software, syncs, and backs up while your computer is sleeping. It refreshes data, works on the 2nd gen MacBook Air and beyond. and of course, the new MacBook Pro.

AirPlay Mirroring – Simple operation from the task bar. Simply hit the airplay icon, choose the device, and you are instantly mirroring.

Game Center – Supports turn-based and head to head gaming–and works with Mac to Mac, Mac to iOS, etc. Cross platform all via Game Center.

Many more features are being rolled out and we’ll bring them to you once details emerge. Mountain Lion will be available next month as a $19.99 upgrade.