Siri Getting Smarter in iOS 6 – Launches Apps, Plays Trailers


Siri is getting smarter thanks to iOS 6.0. During their WWDC keynote yesterday, Apple unveiled a list of new enhancements to their mobile operating system, the first of which is Siri. Siri has been studying and can now get you sports stats, latest scores and much more–including:

  • Sort restaurant results by rating
  • Make reservations thanks to a partnership with OpenTable
  • Find up-to-date movie listings and showtimes–and even watch trailers
  • Launch apps

Additionally, Apple is working with auto manufactures to launch Siri via the steering wheel in a new feature called “Eyes Free.” The button will be integrated within the next twelve months and is designed to use only voice in order to get you what you need, while your phone screen remains off foe safer driving. BMW, GM, Mercedes, Toyota, Audi and Honda (to name a few) are all committed.