New “My Xbox LIVE” App Gives iOS and Android Users Even More Control


This one comes courtesy of Microsoft’s Larry “Major” Nelson. First, an update to the My Xbox LIVE has just been released for iPhone that gives users even more control of their Xbox experience by including the ability to not only find content on your Xbox, but also play, pause, fast-forward and rewind as well; an update to the iPad version of the app adds better authentication, retina display support, and the ability to connect with the Xbox LIVE community. Android users will also be happy to know that starting today, you get an My Xbox LIVE app of your very own; and while it may not have all of the newer features your iPhone-using pals enjoy, it’s still a great start–allowing you to communicate with your Xbox friends and send friend invites, as well as edit your profile and avatar. Click here to head over to Major Nelson’s blog for more details.