CUBEDGE Looking For Kickstarter Support For Eco-Friendly Bluetooth Speaker


Kickstarter  has been featuring some pretty cool products of late, and the EDGE.sound speaker from CUBEDGE is no exception. Featuring Bluetooth, 10-14 hours of battery life, and an aluminum chassis that looks like it could have come from Cupertino, the EDGE.sound speaker has lots going for it…but it needs your help. The folks at CLUBEDGE are looking for $130,000 of funding to get this beauty into production, and are a quarter of the way there with only 2 weeks to go–and a $99 pledge will get you one of your own should the project reach its goal (the speaker is set to retail for $149–so getting in early definitely has its perks!). Click past the jump for more info, as well a link to the EDGE.sound’s product page on Kickstarter.

CUBEDGE Announces the Debut of the Sleek, Portable Bluetooth Speaker, EDGE.sound 

CUBEDGE releases its first Kickstarter project to fund the EDGE.sound, an elegant eco-friendly Bluetooth speaker for iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones and tablets



Austin, TX (June 12, 2012) – CUBEDGE, a unique product design company, is using Kickstarter to fund the launch of its latest wireless EDGE.sound speaker. This brand new device features a slick, modern design and built-in Bluetooth technology. It’s been crafted to deliver a sleek and edgy design, and world-class sound.


Delivering exceptionally crisp, rich audio for your favorite music, the stereo speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery offering 10 to 14+ hours of playback. The EDGE.sound boasts built-in Bluetooth technology to conveniently connect any iPhone, Android or Bluetooth enabled music player, which means there is no longer any docking or plugging in of devices.


The sound system also features a microphone that provides easy, portable compatibility with Skype, iChat and FaceTime, so users can enjoy their favorite tunes along with keeping in touch.


The stereo speakers are about the size of Width: 150mm, Height: 61mm, Depth: 55mm, Weight: 350grams, comparable to the weight of about two smartphones  and will be available in white, black or charcoal gray. They produce sound at 95dB to deliver mind-blowing, crystal clear sound.


The EDGE.sound is also environmentally friendly. It’s built with a non-brominated flame retardant finish and no PVC to prevent an inhibitory effect on organic materials. It also is made with a highly recyclable aluminum enclosure to reduce environmental impact.




The funding goal for the Kickstarter project is $130,000.  If the funding goal is reached by Thursday, June 28th, the project will be funded.  Backers can pledge money in return for rewards like speakers in various colors, T-Shirts, and more.  For more information, pictures, and media, visit the Ki ckstarter page.


CUBEDGE is a company that specializes in creating portable, Bluetooth technology.


At CUBEDGE, our customers appreciate the authentic values of our company and enjoy using our EDGE line products to amp up their dynamic lifestyle. EDGE products give people EDGE in life with solar powered Bluetooth audio technology shielded by charming chastises. CUBEDGE makes simple, elegant technology that helps your everyday life easier, smoother, and more vibrant.


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