Android App of the Week: Send Your Location Via Glympse


I’m a pretty connected guy when it comes to the social media. I’m pretty much on all of them (and yes I think I still do have logins for Friendster and Orkut), but I’ve never been much for combining my service– especially when it comes to location tracking. I like participating on Foursquare, but it’s rare that I’ll share that location data with Twitter and Facebook. Location is probably my last stand, and I get frustrated watching the GPS icon fire up on my phone everytime I launch the Facebook app.

However, there are times I do want to share my location with select people, and lately I’ve been using Gylmpse…

Glympse is a simple service which will send your location to anyone you want on FB, Twitter, text, email, or any other app which can interact with location data and your contacts. Thankfully it’s not trying to be another social network. I already have too many of those to participate on.

Using Google Maps as its core, the app’s interface is simple and clean. You can either use your exact GPS coordinates or set a destination location, and after choosing your method of delivery you can attach a message to your recipient. A simple hyper-link is delivered, and once clicked on takes the recipient to a Glympse branded Google Maps page.

You can set favorites for locations you frequent, you can browse your history of Glympses to see who you sent your location to in the past, and a homescreen widget is included to quickly send data.

I think my favorite feature of the service is your ability to set a time for how long a Glympse will last. Say I’m driving home from a gig late at night, I can share my location with my wife for a half hour to make sure she can see where I am for the entire trip. If I want to share my location with a Twitter follower, I can choose to set it for just that instant and deny them the ability to track me further.

Funnily enough, the one app Glympse doesn’t seem to work with is Foursquare, which one would think would be peanut butter & jelly. That oversight aside, this has already become one of my favorite “safety” apps, that little extra piece of security, and a MUCH easier way to send my location than the dark days of sending people my actual GPS lat/long coordinates.

Glympse on Google Play