The Coolest iPad Stylus You’ll Ever See


You read that right–we’re genuinely excited ¬†about a stylus; but who wouldn’t be when it’s as cool as the Motive? Designed to work in conjunction with your iPad’s Smart Cover, the Motive is actually made up of 6 thin, magnetized aluminum tubes that come together to form the stylus. When you want to store the Motive, simply “unroll” it onto your iPad’s Smart Cover, where it stays put using the cover’s built-in magnets; when you want to use it again, roll it off and it becomes a stylus again. This is not only ridiculously cool, it also solves the problem of finding a place to store your stylus when it’s not being used. The Motive Stylus is still looking for funding on Kickstarter, and if you click here, it will take you right to the product page–and it’s worth checking out just to see the video of how it actually works. The Motive Stylus will retail for $40, but making an early pledge can get you a black one for a mere $20 (the 3 other colors go for $30).