Android App of the Week: Zombies, Run!


A bunch of apps have been released meant to help aid our workouts. Some have fun little additions like BT tracker things, some just use our phone to augment our workout, help us listen to music, or track our progress and results.

You know what all of these apps have been lacking?


Zombies, Run! is a great example of gamification. If I just had a chart telling me to run more, I’d probably quit after a week or so. Yet after lacing up for a jog, were I to hear the moans of the undead following me, I’d probably pick up the pace a bit.

Z,R! takes that idea to the next level. The game unfolds with a story. You’re a man on a mission. You’re a member of a compound, and it’s your responsibility to find supplies. How do you do this? By running your @$$ off.

As you go out walking or jogging, the app cues up music, and during your workout, playlist sound effects are applied to help the story progress. With the completion of each mission you’re rewarded with supplies to help build out your base, and you decide where your resources should be allocated.

It is a relatively new app however, and there are a couple issues. First of all, constant GPS can drain your battery. At the time of this writing the app wasn’t playing well with the Galaxy S II, and I wish the app would work with Pandora or Google Music streaming. Lastly, it’s an $8 app–which might be a bit steep for some.

All in all, it’s a very fun way to incorporate our tech into our daily activity.

Zombies, Run! on Google Play