Review: Motorola Roadster 2 Bluetooth Speaker Phone


Do you talk on your phone while driving? Of course you do.

Do you use some kind of hands free device? No? Then you’re a jerk.

You’re a jerk for two reasons. One, it’s terrifically dangerous; and two, there are some fantastic options available allowing you to operate your phone and vehicle at the same time.

Let’s take a look at one of them.

The Roadster 2, if you couldn’t tell by the name, is an update to the original Roadster which we reviewed last year. I liked that speaker a lot. I like this one more.

All of the core features are the same. Once paired, the R2 handles both calls and media audio. It’s become one of my favorite features, as I’m easily able to stream TED Talks while stuck in LA traffic. The speaker is loud, but audio distorts at high volume, so it’s not the cleanest solution for listening to music (though it’s much better than the worn out tape deck in my old Corolla).

Noise reduction works especially well. No one on the receiving end of a call complained about road noise, and many were surprised to find I had them on speakerphone.

The R2 links up with the MotoSpeak app, which provides additional hands free features like text to speech, and voice commands to respond to texts or call a contact.

Also fun is the Car Finder app. When your phone disconnects from the R2, it saves your location. Pretty great for locating your car in mall and theme park parking lots.

Battery life is decent. Expect to charge the unit every other day if you’re using it to stream audio. If you’re only using it to take calls, the unit should last a business week.

The only critique I can bring is an aesthetic one. I prefer the black speaker grill of the original Roadster to the silver and gray of the R2.

I’ve really come to enjoy using these speakerphones. Being able to drive around without anything blocking my ears feels safer, and Motorola has done a great job of adding features that reduce the number of times I have to look at my phone.

Is it wrong that I really want to use this with a Droid 2? Then my combo would be an R2-D2…