Phiaton Brings Unique Headphone Designs to 2 New Models


 Headphones are hitting new levels of style and design with these latest creations from Phiaton Corporation. Known for their high-performance personal audi products, the company has introduced both the Moderna and Bridge headphones (designed in opulent red and black), recreating Phiaton’s signature line for bold styling and impeccable sonic performance. Available come August for $150, they include the headphones themselves and a matching black and red case. Check the full release after the jump.

Leading headphones company announces two striking new additions to its line of stylish, high-end headphones featuring carbon graphite fiber, perforated leather and machined aluminum

NEW YORK CITY, NY (June 25, 2012) – Phiaton Corporation, a premium manufacturer of high-performance personal audio products, is pleased to introduce its newest additions, the Moderna earphones and Bridge Headphones. These new earphones feature an opulent red and black design, a signature of Phiaton’s line known for its bold styling and world class sonic performance.

“Along with great sound quality, customers are looking for a fashionable, stylish look to their earphones” said Akio Strasser, Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing for Phiaton. “With these two new additions to our line, they get it all, stunning design, extra comfort and superior audio performance.”

The Moderna earphones feature a lightweight, genuine carbon graphite fiber body that offers added durability and a modern aesthetic appeal. This new class of earphones features a multi-tune acoustic design with a dual-chamber and 5 tuning points engineered to optimize airflow. The result is luxurious audio performance with crystal clear sound, rich detail and clean, powerful bass. In addition, its’ double-shelled body helps to contain sound and minimizes reverberation.

The Moderna earphones feature a unique “half in-ear” design that sits snugly outside the ear canal, providing for hours of comfortable listening. Additionally, its’ tangle-free oval shaped cable includes a built-in microphone for easy hands-free communication while you’re on-the-go. These earphones can be stylishly stowed in a matching black and red leather carrying case along with a convenient cleaning tool.

Much like the Bridge on an instrument, Phiaton’s Bridge Headphones expertly deliver exquisite sound to your ears. These stylish, new headphones feature genuine perforated leather with machined aluminum and an easy, foldable structure for sleek and convenient transportation. Its tangle-free cloth wrapped cables also includes an in-line microphone, allowing users to easily make and receive phone calls without removing their headphones. In addition, its’ dual-chamber structure and multi-tune acoustic design offer high-end performance and sound quality, combining the excellent bass response of closed ear headphones with the crystal clear high-frequency response of open-style earphones.

The new Moderna earphones will be available for $150 in August 2012 at select retailers and the Bridge Headphones will be available in November for a price to be determined.

Phiaton will be showcasing its newest products at booth #50 at the CEA Line Show. For more information on Phiaton Corporation and its newest Moderna earphones and Bridge Headphones, please contact Lindsay Stuart at [email protected] or 305-374-4404 ext. 149.

About Phiaton Corporation
Phiaton produces elegant and crystal clear headphones that are designed for the audiophile who’s searching for premium sound quality with reasonable prices. Every Phiaton product combines inventive technology and elegant design for the most natural soundstage, wearability and eye-catching appeal in audio gear today.