Portable Sound Gets Sexy and Light


Wireless speakers are all the rage these days…and if you’re looking for a portable sound solution, you may want to check out Cubedge’s EDGE.sound portable wireless speaker. Featuring 10 hours of battery life, a built in microphone and Bluetooth 3.0, the EDGE.sound is compatible with a multitude of mobile devices–and its built-in mic should make using audio/video chatting services a breeze. It will be available online staring September of this year for $149, and you can check out www.cubeedge.com for all the details. Click past the jump for the full PR.

CUBEDGE’s latest EDGE.sound portable wireless speaker delivers the utmost in sound. The EDGE.sound also delivers Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities which allow for a noticeably 90% faster connection (approximately 24 Mbit/s versus 3 Mbit/s). It also means better support of a wide array of devices such as iPhone®,iPod®, Android, and other smartphones and tablets. Similar brands currently on the market, such as Jambox, deliver Bluetooth version 2.0 capabilities, which have a shorter distance transfer rate. CUBEDGE wants to offer consumers the utmost in quality and user satisfaction with the soon-to-come EDGE.sound.

EDGE.sound Features:
Portable speaker is as light as a book and provides 10 hours of battery life, delivering an optimal on-the-go music source
Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities allows for a noticeably faster connection and supports a versatile array of devices such as iPhone, iPod, Android, smartphones and tablets
Features a microphone that provides easy, portable compatibility with Skype, FaceTime and other chatting tools
Crafted with high-quality materials for an eye catching design to match any decor
Also made with eco-friendly parts including non-brominated flame retardants and a highly recyclable aluminum enclosure to reduce environmental impact
Crafted with first-in-class digital amplifier allowing better sound control
See further details and the EDGE.sound in action by clicking HERE
How much:$149

Available September 2012 @: www.cubedge.com