Review: CELLINK I – Data Sync and Power Back-Up Device for iPhone


This is an interesting little gadget.

In one small package you get four different features: MicroSD card reader, Charging cable, Data Sync, and a small emergency back up battery.

It’s a great little device to throw in a bag or purse if you’re rocking an iPhone. 

Using a smartphone means that you’ll eventually build a small collection of cables and chargers. CELLINK’s gadget here helps reduce some of the bag clutter you can accumulate. In its case it’s roughly twice the size of your standard USB flash memory drive.

Believe it or not, even in its case, this little guy is smaller than coiling up an iphone cable. Three LEDs show you status: red is charging, blue is data transfer, and green indicates a fully charged unit.

Also helpful is the built-in 600 mAh battery. It’ll maybe deliver a 25-30% charge to an iPhone, but that’s more than enough to get a couple of phone calls, texts, or emails out in a pinch. This is not a device you’ll use regularly to replenish your phone’s battery. It’s more of an emergency back up.

I don’t quite understand adding a MicroSD card reader to the CELLINK. I can’t imagine a lot of iPhone owners are carrying around MicroSD cards. There’s a different model CELLINK for Android and Blackberry owners, which features a MicroUSB port instead of the iPhone 30-pin Dock Connector, and phones with removeable storage will benefit more from the MicroSD card slot.

Street price of $55 is a bit steep in my opinion; but if you’re looking to reduce a little clutter and still want the peace of mind provided by a back up battery, the CELLINK I might be a gadget to consider.