Images From Summer Games to be Captured by More Than Just Humans…

Published On July 7, 2012 | By Marc Aflalo | Cameras, Just Plain Cool, Lifestyle, News

With the Olympics around the corner (you will notice by the lack of good programming on broadcast television these days) the 2012 Summer games are heading to HD screens, 3D screens and even Super Hi-Vision broadcast screens throughout the world. Reuters is on the case and is busy installing some camera rigs in the tightest of spaces and the widest of areas to bring coverage to the masses. A team of engineers has been working since 2009 on camera rigs that are completely wireless and remote-controlled to capture high quality images and beam them back to central locations for worldwide consumption. With the games kicking off on July 27th, you can bet you’ll see some of these astonishing photos in the coming weeks. Check for the complete story.

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