Dolby Looks to Enhance Tablet Audio–One Unfortunate Speaker at a Time


Let’s face it: Audio quality (for the most part) has been largely ignored during the tablet revolution. Well, it seems like Dolby is well aware and is working tirelessly to solve this with Dolby Digital Plus for Tablets–a new software fix designed to address the low-quality speakers found in most tablets. Perhaps driven by the lower-than-average sales of home entertainment systems (down ¬†quite a large amount this year), Dolby’s new software is looking to augment what hardware clearly lacks – audio quality. In an interview with Ars TEchnica, Dolby’s Director of Product Marketing Kevin Brennan said:

“Our overarching goal is to create an immersive experience, so that you feel connected with the content,” Brennan told Ars. “We strive always, irrespective of what the endpoint is, the screen size, to try and create a more immersive experience.”

According to Brennan, Dolby is working with software and hardware makers to ship Dolby Digital Plus-enabled mobile devices later this year, though exact devices and dates are currently unavailable. Stay tuned…