Inside iOS 6: Facebook & Contacts


Facebook integration in iOS 6 is a welcome addition–much like Twitter was when it was launched in iOS 5; however, it’s best to be aware of all of its implications. In the new settings pane you will instantly notice Twitter and Facebook grouped together for easy access, and once logged into Twitter you will have the option to update your contacts – what does this do?

“Facebook will use email addresses and phone numbers from your contacts to add Facebook user names and photos to your contact cards”

Sounds like a fair trade; but be advised that it will also bring in Birthdays, Facebook email addresses, and can even tie to your App Store, Calendar and iTunes account if you let it. The tie-ins are great options–especially if social networking is a big part of your life; but the next time you check out your contacts list you may notice a little bit more “bloat” courtesy of this new integration. Thankfully, you also have the option to turn Facebook integration off with your Calendar, Contacts and iTunes apps as well.

Spoiler Alert:¬†One little tidbit about iOS 6 is in the contacts list itself–the search function now remains on the top of the screen and visible at all times, making it easy to always search for contacts if you can’t simply track them down by scrolling.[nggallery id=43]