Upcoming Twitter for iOS Release Brings Major Enhancements


There are people who have a lot of spare time on their hands–and thanks to them, we discover new releases and upcoming info…such as a major update to Twitter for iOS. Version 4.3’s release notes were accidentally exposed to 9to5Mac; and along with a new logo comes a long list of enhancements. Turns out, the update is now available–so click past the jump to see what the new release gives you…

  • More interactive Tweet view experience: content previews, videos, images and more will now be shown within tweets containing links to “partner websites.”
  • Tweets about “selected events” will now be highlighted. Twitter will curate the relevant tweets and images
  • In the Connect tab, autocomplete improvements will be now be present. Twitter rolled out something similar to their official website last week.
  • Major push notifications enhancement: You will now be able to choose to receive push notifications when certain people tweet
  • Like in Tweetbot, you will now be able to receive unobtrusive Twitter notifications while you are using the app.
  • The Discover tab will now be able to alert users when new content is ready for perusal
  • Personalized Trends
  • You will now be able to tap a user’s avatar to be taken to their profile page
  • Improved performance
  • You will now be able to manually input your password when having authentication issues
  • Hungarian localization
  • Finally: the new Twitter logo will be featured on the icon (our image below is from iOS 6 Twitter integration) 
  • Also promised is a slew of other tweaks, more polish, and bug fixes