All Glory to the HYPNOTOAD! Futurama Head Creator is Our App of the Week!


You know what I always thought was seriously lacking in the Android ecosystem? Sentient disembodied heads in jars. I just can’t get enough of them.

Thankfully, the Futurama folks are more than happy to oblige me, and have created a fun little app to help me get my fix of head-jar mayhem.

Pick your species, pick your features, name the head, and export.

You can attach your creations directly to a contact or send out via social media, and the app will help you organize your heads in your own personal head exhibit.

As a fan of the show, I spent WAY more time using this app over the last couple days than I probably should have.

Note, there have been some reported issues of the app crashing on Android 2.x phones. I was able to use Head Creator on both the RAZR MAXX and the Galaxy Nexus, both of which are on ICS.

Get cracking folks!

Futurama Head in a Jar Creator on Google Play