iOS 6 Beta Gets 3rd Release


We may not have any official word regarding the new iPhone or (possible) 7.85″ iPad, but the software that will be running on these devices (and many others) continues to move forward. iOS 6 Beta 3 has officially been released to developers today–and though details are scarce, MacRunors has reported the following changes:

– Roadwork and traffic accidents showing up in Maps app 
– Answer and Decline buttons for FaceTime calls have returned 
– iMessage on iPad now accepting phone number as valid contact info 
– Greater 3D Flyover coverage in Maps 
– Glyphs for bookmarks, Reading List, and history in Safari 
– Auto-brightness changes gradually 

We’ll have more as we spend some time with the latest build–and if you’ve already downloaded Beta 3, let us know what you think!