I WANT MORE DEFENSE GRID! Kickstarter Campaign for a FANTASTIC Tower Defense Game Now Live!


So I’m a complete and total Tower Defense junky, and one of my all time favorite TD games is Defense Grid. It employs some pretty intense sci-fi action, and features one of my all time favorite voice actors (Jim Ward) as the voice of your plucky British AI helper.

The developers at Hidden Path are now looking to start producing a sequel to Defense Grid, and they’re turning to Kickstarter to help raise some funds.

Their concept art, multi-player concepts, and of course the return of Jim Ward all look like fantastic updates to a property I already enjoy tremendously.  The Kickstarter rewards are also very enticing.

Backing the project at $15 will get you a copy of the original Defense Grid, the upcoming expansion pack, AND a copy of DG2 when it’s finished.

These guys are fantastic indie developers, and this is a great property–so I hope you will check out the Kickstarter campaign and consider supporting their efforts to provide me with more great games!

 Defense Grid 2 on Kickstarter!