Hands-on with Smarter Stand for iPad


It’s not very often that we get to test a Kickstarter project before it’s actually released–but such is the case with the Smarter Stand for iPad. The concept is pretty simple: as cool as Apple’s Smart Cover and Smart Case are, they simply don’t give users enough options when it comes to how many usable positions are created for viewing your iPad; Smarter Stand enhances the functionality of the Apple covers by using small, powerful “clips” that can be positioned at various folding points, greatly increasing the number of available positions and viewing angles. We’ve been playing with the Smarter Stand for the last few days, and guess what? It really works…

Smarter Stand’s creator, Dotan Saguy, knew that the Smart Cover was cool…he just knew it could be a bit smarter–and so the Smarter Stand was born. The genius of this new product lies in the fact that just 2 small clips, placed in various positions on your existing Smart Cover or Smart Case, have such a big effect on not only where you use your iPad, but how. At 2″ long and just a hair over 1/2″ wide, the clips don’t seem like much at first; but once attached to your Smart Cover (which takes seconds) they easily slide into position and create a rigid surface at any of the folding points–and you’d be amazed by how useful this becomes.

I think our favorite position for the Smarter Stand was the 33 degree angle pictured here; it offered the greatest flexibility in terms of typing and media viewing angles. For pure media viewing, we enjoyed the 45 degree angle–and also felt that it was much more stable than the highest position offered by the Smart Cover and Case when used alone. The last position offered we felt was a bit of a novelty…until we tried it. The “private typing stand” not only offers an excellent typing angle, but also gives added protection from prying eyes; we used this while typing around the office and it quickly became our go-to choice (what can I say? we have a nosey staff!).

Though we were only using a prototype (the finished product promises to be stronger and slide more easily), we would have no problem using it as the finished product; the clips are plenty strong and easily slid into new positions when we wanted to adjust our viewing. The Smarter Stand is also a pretty good value, especially if you pledge on Kickstarter (you can still buy one for as little as $12, while the retail model will sell for $20), and the project easily surpassed its $10,000 goal (it stands at $133,826 as of this typing). There’s no doubt that Smarter Stand is an excellent product for anyone looking for an elegant, inexpensive way to increase the utility of their Smart Cover–and heading over to the Kickstarter product page will put one in your hands that much sooner, and at a discount to boot.