Virtual Reality is More of a Reality Thanks to the Oculus Rift


Anyone who has experienced a VR simulator has seen the potential for virtual reality headsets, especially in the gaming world–but high costs and lack of mainstream content has always kept it from catching on with the average consumer…until now. VR enthusiast Palmer Luckey (great name!) was tired of waiting for someone to develop a low cost, high-performing virtual reality headset for gamers–so he did it himself. The result? The Oculus Rift–and if industry reactions are any indication, this is the real deal. Currently on Kickstarter (and funded nearly four times over with a month to go), the Oculus Rift caught the attention of gaming industry giants such as John Carmack and Cliff Bleszinski; and with their support, as well as others in the gaming world, Oculus Rift prototypes and dev kits will be in the hands of Kickstarter supporters in a few months (John Carmack has already created the first Oculus Rift compatible game–Doom 3 BFG). If you’re interested in pledging, spots are still open; so make sure you head over to the Kickstarter product page–but not before you check out the video we’ve included.