Android App of the Week: Babel Rising 3D


Man’s arrogance must be punished.

Building monuments to their own glory. Blaspheming your glory. If only you could control the forces of nature to humble them.

Oh wait.

You can, and you will in Babel 3D.


You’re a vengeful deity, and humanity is really ticking you off. To show your displeasure, it’s your mission to knock out their greatest architectural achievement, the Tower of Babel. You’re petty like that.

The game boasts fantastic 3D graphics with fully animated little humans lugging building materials up their tower to construct their monument. Swiping the screen will rotate your view around this really pretty environment.

Each element at your disposal has three attacks. A simple missile attack, a larger “splash” damage attack, and when you’ve killed enough, you’ll be able to charge up and unleash a massive attack. The tone is very tongue in cheek, with your opening “Earth” attack  amounting to dropping a large stone on the heads of the Babylonians.

As you complete missions you also gain God Currency to upgrade your attacks, and you can also unlock a stamina mode to see how long you can last against Man’s ingenuity.

Game difficulty ramps up VERY quickly, and with 50 missions to play through, it’ll help insure you get your money’s worth.  $4.99 on both Google Play and Amazon!

Babel Rising 3D on Amazon

Babel Rising 3D on Google Play