A New iPhone is Coming–But What About Another New iPad?


It is around this time of year when we hear of news of an invitation from Apple regarding a media event in early September. Such has been the case for the last two years, at which time Apple typically unveils the latest and greatest iPhone. There’s no hiding from the massive amount of rumors and speculation that come with an iPhone launch – but we hate reporting on unconfirmed information. So instead, we bring you a rumor roundup with the most plausible features and specs that we expect see come the “not yet official” event in September. Join us after the jump, will you?

The Date
Various sources have alluded to a media event date of September 12th.
Invitations typically go out one week prior, so expect to have this confirmed the first week of the month.

The Device
– A 4″ screen will increase the height of the phone, but not its width; the new iPhone should also be substantially thinner than the already slim iPhone 4s
– A smaller (19, 9 or 8-pin) dock connector, maybe even with a magnetic power connector, not unlike those found on MacBooks
– Relocation of the headphone jack to the bottom of the device, eliminating the problem of headphone cords getting in the way of the screen
– 4G LTE Support-Faster Processor and graphics processing

What is guaranteed?
Nothing! And that’s the fun of it all. Its probably a safe assumption that any information we’re getting is carefully leaked by those who want us to know. Perhaps it’s all real, or perhaps it’s all just misinformation so that when we see a 2mm thin iPhone with built in projector we’ll be that much more surprised. Needless to say, we are in the launch and announcement window for the next gen iPhone and it’s fun to watch the world speculate as the excitement builds. Who knows, maybe we’ll hear something about the much speculated iPad Mini.

Stay tuned…