Ematic’s eGlide 4 – Android 4.0 on a 7″ Tab for Under $80


Let’s face it–not every day do I get excited by a gadget…today is a little different. In case you didn’t hear about it earlier this month, Ematic has a new 7″ tablet out for people like me who can’t really afford to be dropping some serious cash on a big brand name device. It’s called the eGlide 4…and it’s packed with a whole lot for what shouldn’t be too much of a dent in your wallet. The new tablet runs on the very popular Android 4.0 platform, meaning you’ll be able to do some pretty quick net browsing and have access to more apps than you’ll know what to do with. As far as the technical specs go, the eGlide 4 features a 1GHz processor, 4GB of internal storage, as well as 5GB of cloud storage. It comes up a bit short in the memory department with only 512MB on board, but at least it makes up for that by giving users the ability to add up to 32GB more of storage thanks to its micro sd slot. I did say that it was inexpensive, and at $79.99 it’s a real bargain–it’s also widely available, being sold through walmart.com. Click past the jump for the full PR.

LOS ANGELES- August, 2012- Ematic, a leader in value tablets, strives to design and develop tablets that fit into a variety of lifestyles yet always keeping three important factors in mind: portability, accessibility, and productivity.  Today, Ematic is excited to release the eGlide 4, its latest 7” Android 4.0 tablet to the market.

“The eGlide 4 offers access to thousands of apps, and is the ideal accessory for people who are always on the move,” says Roy Rayn, president of Ematic.  “We wanted to create a tablet that offers desirable specs such as the Office Suite App but with a very reasonable price tag.  We achieved the perfect balance between affordability and functionality with the eGlide 4.”

The bright, clear, 7” touch screen makes perusing the web and reading your emails swift and easy.  Enjoy videos, images, and other multimedia on the eGlide 4, and explore the thousands of apps offered via the Android-based system.  The tablet user will always be able to stay ahead of the latest news, games, and social networking tools with Ematic’s eGlide 4.

A 1GHz processor powers the eGlide 4, and it also comes with plenty of storage space for important documents, images, movies and more.  It has 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage plus an additional 5GB of cloud storage.  If the user desires even more memory, the tablet also comes with a Micro SD card slot for an extra 32GB of storage.

Additionally, the eGlide 4 comes with a built-in voice recorder so the user can easily record lecture or conference notes and other self-reminders.  There is also an included Office Suite application for the essential Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files which is critical for business professionals or students.  Another pre-installed application important to note is the Kobo eReading app which offers millions of popular titles ready to download.

The eGlide 4 connects easily to your HDTV. Users can view their favorite videos from the small screen to their home’s big screen.

The eGlide 4 retails for $79.99, and is available at walmart.com.

About Ematic:
Ematic is a leader in portable media and value tablets offering high quality consumer electronics at an affordable price.  The company offers a variety of technology ranging from designer headphones to MP3 players and tablets.  Ematic prides itself on offering the latest in advanced technology that has undergone rigorous testing for quality, sturdiness and reliability.

Ematic Corporate Giving:
Beyond the production of high quality consumer electronics, Ematic supports initiatives for a greener Earth by running power-conscious facilities, using environmentally-friendly inks made from recycled cartridges, and 100% recyclable packaging. Ematic also makes it their mission to give back to its communities by donating 10% of all profits to various charities.