Galaxy Note 10.1 Hands-On


Samsung went all out for its U.S. release of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and, as always, the YourTechReport staff was there to keep you in the loop. The release event was held in the amazing Jazz at Lincoln Center, located right in the heart of New York City, and Samsung brought in a wide range of celebrities to help showcase not only how easy-to-use and accessible the Galaxy Note 10.1 was, but also how versatile it is. From Director Baz Luhrmann, to fashion designer Zac Posen, no matter who handled the Note, the reaction always seemed to be “love at first touch.” With the Galaxy Note 10.1’s sleek design and revolutionary capabilities, it’s sure to create a lot of buzz in the coming days.

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for–the features! Samsung’s slogan for the Galaxy Note 10.1 is “Note The New Way,” and boy does it have some cool new features. First up: the S Pen. Not to be confused with a stylus, the S Pen has 1000 levels of sensitivity that it can apply when pressed against the tablet; this allows for pressure sensitivity to play a larger role in whatever you’re using the tablet for. An example of this can be if you’re drawing a picture, the S Pen can determine how thick or thin the lines of your drawing should be, based on the amount of pressure you’re applying with it. The Note also comes with palm rejection technology, which means if you accidentally press your hand or palm into the screen while typing or writing, the device will cancel out anything you might accidentally press.

One of the big features people are talking about with the Note 10.1 is Multiscreen multitasking, which is truly a game changer when it comes to doing work on a tablet. Instead of having to continuously tab between programs, you can easily use them side by side. This allows for easy dragging and dropping of pictures or text.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 also comes with S Note. First seen on the original Note smartphone, S Note is a writing program that comes with various templates and tools. One interesting tool is the handwriting-to-text tool; whatever you write out with the S Pen in your own handwriting gets transcribed by the program into typical type font–especially handy for those note takers who work best with their own scribbling, but would prefer if they had things a bit more organized and in a nicer format. The Galaxy Note 10.1 also comes with Nook (the Barnes & Noble equivalent of the Kindle software), a “smart remote” program and a special edition of  Adobe Photoshop Touch. The Galaxy Note 10.1 currently runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but Samsung has stated that they will be upgrading the OS to Jellybean later in the year–and they’ve gotten much better about keeping up with their Android updates.

After getting some hands on experience with the product, I can safely say that the tablet has a smooth and responsive feel to it. The screen is just the right size to fit comfortably in your hands, while also giving you an ample amount of space for viewing. Its crystal clear glass makes every image pop, while its touch screen is responsive and provides accurate feedback. The built in camera is easy to use and easily equals or surpasses any of the iPads on the market in both quality and simplicity. Taking notes and scribbling on various documents or images with the S Pen is a great way to bring an “old school” feel back to a new product, and I had a blast drawing on a picture I had just taken (and I’m sure many others will too). The tablet as a whole is well crafted product, definitely living up to the high-standards Samsung has set with its Galaxy line of tablets and phones. Although some of the programs might take a little while to get used to, almost every application had a tutorial program included when you booted it up–a really nice touch for those new to Android, or the tablet form-factor in general.

If you’re looking for the next new innovative product about to hit the streets, look no further–because the Galaxy Note 10.1 has got it all and more. Make sure you check back as we continue our coverage of Samsung’s newest member of the tablet family.

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  1. As a digital artist I need to know more about this!! Specifically when it may be available in Canada! 😀