Bracketron Wants to Keep You Juiced


Whether its an iDevice or an Android device with Micro USB connector, Bracketron hopes to keep you juiced up with its new Universal Charge/Sync Cable, made to to work with its Universal USB Travel Power Kit. Featuring both Apple 30-pin and Micro USB connectors, the cable can connect directly to your PC or Laptop–or to your power outlet using a USB adapter–to charge nearly any device. Available now for $19.95 (Cable only) and $39.95 (Cable and charger), you can learn more by checking the full release after the jump.

Minneapolis, MN – Bracketron, a leading manufacturer of accessories for mobile consumer electronics, announces the retail availability of the Universal Charge/Sync Cable and the Universal USB Travel Power Kit, two convenient and universal solutions for charging your mobile devices. The Universal Charge/Sync Cable features both Apple© 30-pin and Micro USB connectors to seamlessly charge or sync your mobile device. The cable can be connected directly to your PC or laptop, or to your power outlet using a USB adapter to charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 710, LG Nitro and other mobile devices.

The Universal USB Travel Power Kit is a perfect three-in-one accessory for powering up, and includes the Universal Charge/Sync Cable as well as a low-profile USB wall charger and car charger for added convenience. The kit’s universal cable design charges virtually any USB-powered device, and eliminates the need to carry multiple model specific chargers.

“Bracketron’s universal charging solutions simplify your charging routine, whether you have multiple types of mobile devices yourself, or if your spouse uses an iPhone and you use an Android smartphone for example,” said Christian Johnson, Vice President of Marketing at Bracketron. “You only have to remember to bring one charger along on vacations or business trips, plus you save space in your carry-on bag or briefcase.”

The Universal Charge/Sync Cable and the Universal USB Travel Power Kit are available now for $19.95 and $39.95, respectively, at and other online and national retailers.