ThinkGeek Has New Exclusive Gear for Star Wars Fans


In case you didn’t make it to Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando this past weekend, ThinkGeek–our favorite geek-gadget retailer–premiered its new line of exclusive licensed Star Wars gear. Though I’m sure some of you out there won’t see the value of a Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case or Wampa Ice Scraper mitt, those of us who do will try not to judge you too harshly. Click past the jump for pure Star Wars geek bliss…

FAIRFAX, VA-  August 23, 2012- ThinkGeek (Nasdaq: GKNT) has heard and answered the call of fans and is not only a vendor at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, but is announcing three new products and launching an exclusive item as well.
Visitors to booth #303 will have the opportunity to be the first people in the known galaxy to take a glimpse of these new, officially licensed products.  For those unable to make it to Orlando, they are:

Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case

Available this fall for $24.99, the Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case gives practical application to our favorite rogue.  Forged of the same materials that he was frozen in, this incredible piece is the perfect way to carry the business cards that declare your allegiance to the light or dark side of the force.

Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt
Harvesting Wampa arms isn’t easy.  We know.  However, once you have one they make excellent ice scrapers for your preferred mode of transportation.  The Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt will be available before winter besets the land for $24.99.

Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker
An April Fool’s prank turned real, the Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker lets you wield a more elegant ice pop.  The integrated light allows for the “blade” to glow as you cool off from a long day of blasting wamp rats.  Expect to see the Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker this fall for $34.99.


Death Star Tea Infuser 
For sale at the convention before it is available to the general geek-masses is the Death Star Tea Infuser.  Designed with everyone’s favorite not-a-moon in mind, the Death Star Tea Infuser is the perfect way to seep the tastiest drink this side of blue milk.  Those who want to get their hands on the awesome power of this fully-operational kitchen device need only have $19.99 when it is launched on on August 27.

“These new exclusive creations are something we’ve been excited to share with fans for a while,” states Ty Liotta, Grand Mof of the Geeklabs division of ThinkGeek.  “Each is officially licensed and if we’re being honest, awesome.”

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