Build Some Stuff With Handymate Pro – Our App of the Week


The thing about smartphones is that they were designed around the idea of corporate use. Email, documents, etc. We forget sometimes that people might have other concerns, or usage needs, and though they might not go to work in an office, they still need data on the go.

Handymate Pro is for building things. 

The app is a collection of builder and estimation tools designed to help just about anyone who might be interested in building something. From construction pro to weekend DIY-er, there’s something for everyone.

App layout is very clean. Tools are organized into easy to use sub-categories, and calculations are performed in solvers with easy-to-enter fields.

The range of tools is pretty handy indeed. On board you’ll find geometry calculators, unit conversion, cost estimations, a basic calculator, and a collection of “Builder Tools” which can aid in ramp construction, building stairs, spacing, and concrete pouring.

This app really looks like it would be at home on a Moto Defy, Sammy Rugby Smart, or some other rugged phone.

All in all, this app looks like a great backup to those on a job site or set, or anyone just looking to fix up stuff around the home. Not bad for $5.

Handymate Pro on Amazon

Handymate Pro on Google Play