YourTechReport’s Exclusive LFG Giveaway!

Published On November 21, 2012 | By Mitchell Whitfield | News

We have a special place in our hearts for Looking For Group readers…and we’ve always been big fans of the folks at FigurePrints–so we figured, why not put the two together? In our first LFG-exclusive giveaway, three lucky Looking For Group readers will win a beautiful personalized statue of their World of Warcraft in-game avatar, courtesy of FigurePrints. In case you haven’t heard of them (and if you haven’t, you should probably stop reading this and turn in your MMO fanboy card), FigurePrints uses a high-tech 3D printer to make a near-perfect replica of your favorite toon, wearing your actual in-game armor and weapons–you even get to choose your pose! So how can you get a chance to win a statue of your very own? Simply head to Twitter and “Follow” YourTechReport (@urtechreport) and Retweet this post–that’s it! We’ll pick one winner a week over the next three weeks and you’ll have until midnight pacific on December 13th to enter (open to U.S. and Canadian residents only). This is the first of many planned LFG reader exclusives, so make sure you keep checking back. So what are you waiting for? Your chance to win is only a few clicks away!

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40 Responses to YourTechReport’s Exclusive LFG Giveaway!

  1. Granite says:

    Entered! Thanks!

  2. No problem Granite…and good luck!

  3. Alessandra Morgan says:

    Entered too! Thanks!

  4. Cormack says:

    “Booooo” to not letting us overseas fans enter. I know there’s probably very legitimate reasons for doing so (shipping costs or whatever). I’m just jealous! 🙂

  5. Bart says:

    Shoot, US and Canada only.
    Y no love for UK? :<

  6. We have LOTS of love for the UK Bart–and we’ll work on opening the next giveaway to everyone…promise!

  7. Ok…I officially feel shame. The fact is, one of the great things about the internet is its global reach; so even though there are reasons for restricting the giveaways, we don’t want to exclude are readers around the world. So how about this: you let the LFG folks that you want to do another one of these giveaways sooner than later, and we promise the next one will be open to everyone around the world.

    Of course we always run the risk of getting angry emails from other planets, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it…

  8. Moonwatcher says:


  9. PeBakk says:

    What about those who are allergic to Twitter or play some other MMO?

  10. Brian says:


  11. Don’t worry PeBakk–as we said in the post, this is just the first of many planned giveaways; we’ll make sure that our next one has different entry requirements, for those who have a similar allergy:)

    As for the prizes, we’ll be changing those too–but since FigurePrints does more than just WoW statues, perhaps we can widen our scope there next time:)

    Thanks for the comment!

  12. loragan says:

    would love a figurine of my BE Pally

  13. ladyphenom says:


  14. Archaya says:


  15. Stuart says:

    Would love this but I don’t have twitter and rather not sign up for it.

  16. Don’t worry Stuart–we plan on doing more LFG giveaways in the future that won’t require having a Twitter account:)

  17. Kent says:


  18. Daniel says:

    Awesome Giveaway

  19. Serria says:

    Awesome giveaway! I love FigurePrints and am a dedicated WoW player, so it was a no brainer to enter 🙂 I just hope I get lucky for a change! ^____^ Love your website!!

  20. Anne says:

    First off– COOL site… second, thanks for the contest… I’ve lusted over these things. And yeah, entered… now to kill off the competition…

  21. LOL…well Anne, that’s one way to improve your odds!

    Thanks for the kind words…and good luck.

    (…and remember: In case you don’t win this time, we’ll be doing plenty more of these in the future–so keep checking back!)

  22. Draven Torakhan says:

    Makes me sad that I no longer have a WoW account or a computer that’ll run it. That being said, for something like this, I’ll borrow my friend’s compy and power-level if I have to.

  23. Kristin says:

    Entered!!! FOR PONY!!!

    Been drooling over FigurePrints for a while. Of course, if I get one, I’ll HAVE to get figures of my other characters… don’t want my main to be lonely, or my alts to feel neglected… ^_~

  24. Richard says:

    This is awesome, my brother has wanted one of these for forever and Christmas is coming up! Safe to say I entered.

  25. Amethystine says:

    Mrawr! xD I’ll probably wait for the next one, owing my severe rash allergy to twitter -and- facebook…

    But this seems like the perfect reason to break out my good old Onyxia Scale Cloak and do some more hard priesting. :3

  26. We Understand Kristin…there’s no picking favorites when it comes to your babies:)

  27. Aaaah, Onyxia…the source of so many cool drops…and so much pain:)

  28. I would like a figure of my MMO character, but I play Dungeons & Dragons Online–not WoW…

  29. Anna says:

    Boo… I don’t want to make a twitter account, but I want one of these! 🙁

    That’s right, I *still* don’t have a twitter account!

  30. No worries Anna; we’ll be doing more giveaways in the future that don’t require a Twitter account–so make sure you keep checking back!

  31. Nostram says:

    If we don’t play WoW or have a WoW character is there any point in entering?

  32. Draculasgrl says:

    Darnit… It’s only for WOW players? What about the people who still have their souls? (Take it lightly, players!!) lol ..You guys should do something where we can enter and win a figure from LFG or a comic or something.


  33. Max says:

    *Sigh… time to grind for better armour, just in case.
    Jk… but yea, sent this way by lfg, staying because its awesome!

  34. Thanks Max!

    …and keep grinding–you know how pretty that tier armor is:)

  35. LOL…c’mon Draculasgrl–even us soulless folks like pretty statues!

    Point taken…we’ll make sure our next giveaway is for more than just the WoW crowd:)

  36. Well…I guess not; but don’t worry Nostram–as you may have read in some of my other replies, we’ll have other non-WoW prizes in future giveaways…so keep checking back!

  37. missing link says:

    FOR PONY!!!!

    Well here’s hoping..