RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! ‘Into The Dead’ is our App of the Week!


Screenshot_2013-04-18-21-13-49I like zombies. I like running. Peanut butter and Jelly.

Into The Dead is a great little running game. You’re running through fields and forests trying to evade the shambling corpses in your path. If they get a rotting hand on you, it’s all over. You just got ate son. Keep running until you get overwhelmed.

Throughout the chase, crates can be found with weapons to help defend yourself.; at the end of each run you can purchase weapon upgrades and select perks which can help you progress. That may be my only bummer. Screenshot_2013-04-18-21-14-54Weapon action can be unnervingly inconsistent. I know it feeds into the survival and panic aspects, but it can be frustrating trying to plan a path, only to be unseated by a single zombie which took four shots and still didn’t drop.

Controls are simple and fluid, with options for touch or tilt-turning. Graphics might not be the highest quality I’ve ever seen on a tablet or phone, but they work towards the game’s atmosphere. A thick fog prevents you from seeing too far ahead, and your field of view can be obscured by liquid and grime.

It’s the vibe which really draws you in. Play this game in the dark with some headphones on. It’s a treat.

Into The Dead on Google Play