Old School Space Shoot’em Up Action! Plasma Sky is Our App of the Week!


IMAG0252So this week, I’ve been playing with a bunch of new devices, app updates for my favorite social networks, even revived my Instagram account. However, with all of that happening, this one little game has been killing my phone and tablet batteries.

Plasma Sky is an old school over-head space shooter. You have a little ship. There are aliens to kill. You have to dodge the projectiles fired at you. Along the way you get power-ups to improve your killing ability. This formula is one of the┬ásimplest mechanics you can find in all of gaming, and when it’s executed well, can be really addictive.

Gameplay is fast and fluid. The graphics are vector-inspired, giving the app a classic Atari feel. As you collect power-ups, your ship gets more powerful, but your energy can also drain. This adds a sense of urgency to killing enemies as quickly as possible, instead of just playing safe and dodging .

Screenshot_2013-05-02-23-38-20There are three different game modes to appeal to those who like mission structure gaming, or the free-for-all of a never ending conquest mode. You can also change your input from touch to tilt control.

The app is only $1.99, and thankfully, you wont be burdened with any additional in-app purchases. Kind of refreshing in this current app climate to just buy a game and play it. Plasma Sky isn’t breaking any new ground for shooters, but it nails the basics and accomplishes some very addictive game play.

Plasma Sky on Google Play

Plasma Sky on the Amazon App Store