Kickstarter Watch: Casetop – Every Phone Becomes a Laptop


I’m really excited to see if this project gets funded…

Screenshot (48)See, I have a problem with the way most phone accessories are built: The planned¬†obsolescence of not only our gadget, but also the accessories for that gadget. I’m fascinated by concepts like the Asus PadFone, but I don’t relish the thought of buying a tablet dock and keyboard dock which wont be compatible with the next PadFone. The entire kit is more expensive than a laptop, and it wont last as long. Money is certainly an issue, but e-waste is becoming a more important concern for me. I have a lot of old proprietary tech sitting around waiting to be recycled.

Casetop aims to provide us more computing flexibility in a more environmentally-conscious package. Namely, any phone that can output a signal through HDMI or MHL can power this dock, allowing it to function like an Android, Blackberry, or iOS laptop.

An 11″ 720p screen is backed up by a full-sized keyboard and 56 Watt Hour battery, which they claim should provide around 30 hours of run time. Project is funded at $300,000, but if they can reach a $3,000,000 stretch funding goal, they’ll bump the screen up to a 1080p touchscreen.

casetop components

That’s what’s so exciting about this project. It’s attempt at providing a high-quality universal solution for laptop-style computing through our phones. Using a standard connection like HDMI means you don’t have to stay with one platform. If you’re on Android, but want to experiment with a Blackberry, you don’t have to worry about replacing your laptop dock.

Casetop is calling it a ten year investment. They’ll be designing the dock to be as repairable as possible. Since it’s only a screen with a keyboard and a battery, swapping or replacing components should be fairly easy.

Casetop on Kickstarter