Help Your Phone Get Buzzed! Vybe is Our App of the Week!


Screenshot_2013-05-10-00-13-31It’s these quirky little utilities that making Android so much fun!

We like customizing. I use different ringtones for my favorite contacts, and I set up different alerts for my notifications. For as much as I like to look at phone’s gorgeous screen, when I’m out and about, I like being able to know what’s happening with an alert without having to turn the screen on.

Screenshot_2013-05-10-00-14-06Vybe helps us add another sensory tool to our relationship with our phones by allowing you to program custom vibration patterns for your contacts.

Simply program a pattern and assign it to a contact. Now when your phone is in your pocket or on a table, you’ll be able to identify the person by the pattern you created. This pattern can be assigned to pretty much any alert the phone can make –including support for calling, texting, viber, whatsapp, skype, and gmail.

The interface is very attractive and easy to use. Push the record button, then tap out a sequence Morse code style. When you’re done, hit save. Easy peasy.

The app is free with ads on the control interface. Paying $0.99 will remove those ads.

Sensory and haptic feedback is a novel way to feed us more information, and Vybe is a great way to customize that feedback.

Vybe on Google Play