Retro Board Slicing Game Action: Patchy is our App of the Week!


Patchy app of the week game yourtechreportThis week we’re going old school. It’s so cool…

Qix is one of those classic games that, on the surface, seems like it would get boring with it’s simplistic set up. You start out with a board, and your character draws a line across the board which divides it up into pieces. Each piece you carve up belongs to you, and enemies on the board bounce around. Dodge the enemies and capture a percentage of the board to move on to the next level.

Patchy is a faithful execution of that concept and has a simple  vector graphics aesthetic. The screen takes on a retro CRT cabinet vibe, even building in larger pixels and a slightly faded washed out screen look. Gameplay is thankfully fluid, and it gets nerve wracking the closer you get to completing a board. Slicing more and more space away gives you less time and less room to dodge enemies.

Developers Frozen Fractals have given us a faithful way to replay an old (and addictive) classic.

Patchy on Google Play (99 cents)