$1 Crowd Funding, One Today is our App of the Week!


One Today by Google app of the week crowd funding charityI’m feeling philanthropic.

Sure, million dollar projects on Kickstarter occupy most of the discussion when it comes to crowd funding, but I think we’ve just barely scratched the surface on what we can accomplish as a population.

One Today aims to simplify the process of pairing nonprofit organizations with people who wish to contribute. A new project is highlighted every day, and users can decide whether they wish to contribute.

As you may have gleaned, requested contributions are typically very low dollar amounts–often only a dollar. The idea being, small painless transactions from a large number of people can quickly build a significant amount of capital. To that end, just as you might easily share a picture on social networking, One Today provides participants with easy tools to help spread the word on causes they care about.

For more info check out google.com/onetoday

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