Finally on Android, Dots is our App of the Week!


Screenshot_2013-08-22-23-23-29 I love a simple concept well executed. You see, I’ve been playing games like this since the original Bejeweled on Palm OS. Since then I’ve played through tons of iterations of the same concept: connect lines of the same objects to get rid of them and score points. The problem is we keep adding junk to this gameplay mechanic; I just don’t enjoy most of the jewel swap and connect clones I play. Candy Crush? Can’t do it.

Dots travels back to deliver maybe the most simplistic style of game play possible. You don’t even have jewels anymore just … Dots…

There are two game modes, timed and 30 moves. In Timed you get a minute to collect as many dots as possible. In 30 moves, you get 30 moves. Collect more dots for higher scores, and dots can be used as currency to buy power-ups. Connect a square of dots and it will clear all the dots of that color.

The feel is glorious. With each dot you add to a chain, a pleasant tone is played in a scale; it’s subtle, but it adds to the feeling of accomplishment. Even the smooth action of how the chains are created as you draw lines on the screen feels pleasant. Just all around a beautiful piece of software development for such a simple concept.

Screenshot_2013-08-22-23-23-50With each round you can see how you stack up against the leader-boards. It’s always soul crushing to play your best round ever only to see the top score is more than double what you’ve just done.

This one has been destroying my battery since it was released. Best of all, it’s free.

Dots on Google Play