Mackie Announces Lightning-Connector -quipped DL-1608 and 806


MFMyF_LMODIn case you weren’t aware, I’m a big fan of Mackie products and have been spending a lot of time with my DL1608 iPad-powered mixer. This mixer is awesome thanks to the fact that software does all the hard work and the interface is customizable–making it a truly flexible accessory in my audio arsenal. We have two bits from Mackie today specific to the DL-series mixers. They’ve announced that a new version sporting the Apple Lightning connector is now shipping, meaning you’ll  o longer need Apple’s 30-pin-to-lightning adapter when using newer iPads (the new version also includes a tray for using the iPad Mini). Alternatively, you can buy an upgrade kit for your existing 30-pin-equipped models.

The second announcement from Mackie is great new features to the Mackie Master Fader app that controls the DL-series mixers. Version 2.0 will be available soon and offers new features such as Input Channel Linking, Aux Send Linking, Mute Groups, View Groups, Pre-DSP Aux Sources, and a Quick Access Panel giving you easy access to some of the mixer’s most useful features. Take a look at Product Manager Ben Olswang’s walk-through after the jump.