Like Keeping Your iPhone Safe and Secure While you Ride? Check Out The BikeConsole Smart Mount


For all of you avid cyclists out there, we know how tough it can be to check your phone while in the pedal zone. Bike2Power knows this dilemma as well, which is why they came up with the BikeConsole Smart Mount. This full spectrum mount for the iPhone 5c provides everything you might need to keep your iPhone safe, secure, visible, and looking splendid. The BikeConsole Smart Mount is shockproof, waterproof, and portable; you want to take it with you after your 15 mile ride? Go right ahead and detach the mount for some on-the-go protection. The Smart Mount comes in 5 vivid colors (to keep your iPhone 5c feeling like a 5c) and retails for $47.95. For more information check out or stick with us after the jump.


CALABASAS, CALIF.– October 31, 2013 – Bike2Power, a team of die-hard cycling enthusiasts dedicated to connecting the benefits of smartphone technology with bicycle riding, announces their newest bike accessory for the iPhone 5C, the BikeConsole iPhone 5C Smart Mount, Special Edition. Available in 5 colors to compliment the iPhone 5c, the brightly colored BikeConsole Smart Mount is the most advanced, heavy-duty, waterproof and shockproof iPhone 5c bicycle mount available. Featuring SoundBoost microvent sealing technology for enhanced speakers and mic sound, this iPhone 5c BikeConsole is a great accessory for any bike ride, from leisure to adventure biking.

“BikeConsole Mounts are designed to connect a great riding experience with seamless smartphone use,” says Ilya Gorbonos, President of Bike2Power. “Whether you’re a cyclist dedicated to monitoring your ride or the leisure biking enthusiast, the BikeConsole iPhone5C waterproof/shockproof Smart Mount will keep your phone securely protected at all times. In addition, we are proud to be the first to release an iPhone 5C bike mount in vibrant colors that match your phone.”

Boasting more than ninety-percent touch screen sensitivity and the ultimate protection system, the BikeConsole Smart Mount allows a rider to use their iPhone safely while biking on any terrain and in any weather. It includes a number of features such as 360-degree rotation capability for vertical or horizontal viewing and waterproof protection. In addition, the BikeConsole Smart Mount can be detached from the mount to keep your phone protected when you’re off the bike and can be attached and used on other devices like a stroller or scooter.

Providing the ultimate protection, the BikeConsole Smart Mount has a formfitting, silicon-lined shockproof case with an in-bracket safety lock and double-hinged closure design. Designed to provide the user with full phone functionality, the BikeConsole also has an antiglare screen membrane perfect for a bike ride on a sunny day.


  • Five Colors to Match the iPhone 5C: Protect your phone against rain, snow, dust and dirt in the same color as your new iPhone 5C.
  • Secure Versatile Mounting System: Mount it to bicycle bars, a stroller, a scooter or anything with a bar or stem.
  • 360° Swivel Design: Once you attach your smartphone to the mount, simply rotate it to the perfect horizontal or vertical position for optimal viewing of any cycling app, GPS instructions or music track selection.
  • In-Bracket Safety Lock: Safety lock provides complete protection from impacts during rides on tough terrains; Interior silicon cushion adds extra layer of shock and moisture protection.
  • Sound-boost and Anti-Glare Technology: Sound routed to the top of the case for best sound experience. Anti-glare screen for ultimate outdoor enjoyment.
  • Full phone functionality: The BikeConsole iPhone 5C Smart Mount provides full accessibility to all smartphone functions including touch screen, front/rear cameras, and wake/sleep and home buttons. It also has a port for your headphones and lightning connector.

The BikeConsole iPhone 5C Waterproof/Shockproof Smart Mount is available now for $47.95 (20% off the regular price) at in all the iPhone 5C colors. For more information about the BikeConsole iPhone 5C Smart Mount and other Bike2Power products visit

About Bike2Power:

Bike2Power is a U.S. based company with a sole mission to connect the benefits of smartphone technology with the pleasures of bicycle riding. Our team composed of die-hard cycling enthusiasts and technology buffs, works hard on providing products for modern, tech-savvy cyclists, delivering the ultimate riding experience with your smartphone on your bike.