Welcome to YourTechReport: Gadget News and Reviews for the Rest of Us. Being fans of gadgets and tech, we’re aways combing the web for the newest and coolest. While there are some amazing sites out there that feed our inner geek (ok, maybe not so “inner”), we realize that the majority of folks out there don’t know the difference between  megapixels and megahertz…and don’t really care to! Most of the people we speak with, including our own families, don’t want to know the complete spec list of every new toy out there; they just want to know what they should buy and why…and that’s why we’re here! YourTechReport is dedicated to bringing the world of tech to the masses in a way that’s not only informative, but accessible to EVERYONE. We will not only feature gadgets that WE think are cool, but that we think YOU will want to read about as well.

Because YourTechReport was made for you, we encourage your input. Is there some great gadget we missed that you want to learn more about? Email us, and we’ll try to post a review in our “You Asked For It!” column. Have you written a gadget review that you simply MUST share with the world? Submit it to us, and each week we’ll choose one to post in our User Reviews section. We also welcome your input regarding the site itself; we really want this to be a place that reflects what our readers are looking for. Just remember: We’re a new site, so you may not find everything you’re looking for right away. Our content is growing every day…and with your input, we promise there will always be something cool to read about.

Okay….enough. Start looking around the site and getting familiar with its layout. You may want to start by checking out “Life With My iPad.”  It’s my extended review of the hottest gadget out there after living with it for a month…are we dating, or is it something more serious? Read on and find out…and welcome to YourTechReport!

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