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If you’re looking for a smart thermostat, Nest isn’t the only game in town; in fact, for around the same price, the ecobee 4 does a whole lot more. Take a listen as we chat with ecobee’s VP of Product, Casey McKinnon, and learn how their latest thermostat may even replace your…(Read More)

Sony has been a top consumer electronics brand for decades…and they continue to innovate and dominate the living room. Take a listen as we chat with Sony’s Karol Warminiec, and learn how the company has not only upped its television game, but is also dominating in the world of digital imaging…(Read More)

You guys asked for more car coverage…so we’re bringing you more car coverage! Take a look as Marc gets behind the wheel of BMW’s new 540i, and see for yourselves why had such a hard time giving it back. (Spoiler Alert: He gives it back) If you like what you see, let…(Read More)