• Microsoft to Unveil the Future of Windows Today

    Microsoft to Unveil the Future of Windows Today

    Good morning Microsoft. Today, in San Francisco, Microsoft will formally unveil what it has in store for Windows’ next version. We are only expecting a preview this morning, but, are expecting some new branding and marketing behind the name itself. The community will be rather gracious should a build land for people to play with, but, we are not keeping our fingers crossed. We are keeping our screens glued here for the latest announcements from Microsoft as they happen.

  • HP Announces $199 Windows Laptop

    HP Announces $199 Windows Laptop

    HP has unveiled a $199 laptop with Windows. The budget-friendly, 11.6-inch laptop comes in a variety of colors but isn’t the only addition to the family. A 13.3-inch model priced at $230 comes along for the ride featuring an Intel Celeron processor and 32GB of flash storage. Windows 7.1 tablets are also here for the taking starting with the HP Stream 7 and HP Stream 8. 7 and 8 inch tablets running you a respectable $99 and $149. Other specs are rather scars at the moment but each will include access to Microsoft’s Office 265 personal edition and is expected to deliver in the US by the beginning of November.

  • Developers Get Handsy with iOS 8.1

    Developers Get Handsy with iOS 8.1

    Apple developers are getting hands with the first seed of iOS 8.1. The release to developers comes days after the commercial release of iOS v8.0.2 which did address a slew of bugs but there are plenty more that need a good fly swatter. Like every beta, this one reveals some signs of things to come such as hidden settings for Apple Pay and references to Touch ID support in iPad.

  • Apple Launches Apple Pay Secure iPhone Based Payment Solution

    Apple Launches Apple Pay Secure iPhone Based Payment Solution

    Today Apple introduced Apple Pay, a ground breaking mobile payments solution built into their iPhone ecosystem. The new feature uses NFC communication at checkout terminals to purchase items without the need to whip out your credit card. Using the Touch ID sensor, you are able to authenticate your transaction whether it be in store or even online. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the first Apple devices to include NFC technology, and the new feature will work at a wide range of big-name retailers–including Whole Foods, Macy’s, McDonalds and Apple’s own retail stores. Stores including Target and Groupon will be first to launch the online payment services as well. Security was a big part of the announcement this afternoon. The iPhone will not actually store card information; instead, the phone stores an encrypted placeholder ID and only passes that along to the store’s checkout systems. This also allows you […]

  • Introducing Apple Watch

    Introducing Apple Watch

    It’s been a long time coming, but Apple’s much-rumored wearable is finally here. The new Apple Watch promises to be Apple’s biggest release since the original iPhone, offering multiple configurations and price points; and though we know what the different models will be called (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition) and what differentiates them (the Sport will feature an aluminum encasing and scratch-resistant Ion-X glass, the standard Apple Watch gets a stainless body and Sapphire crystal, while the Edition gets an 18k gold encasing and Sapphire crystal), all we know about pricing is that they will start at $349–though you can expect the Edition to retail for much more. More tha just a simple accessory to your iPhone (the watches will be compatible with all 5 and 6 series iPhones), in addition to showing text and email notifications, the watch has a built-in mic and speaker allowing […]

  • Apple Announces Apple Pay Payment Solution

    Apple Announces Apple Pay Payment Solution

    NFC (Near Field Communication) has been confirmed by Apple on its next generation iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The service runs across the top of the device and allows credit cards to be stored within Passbook to be used as Apple’s new payment service dubbed Apple Pay. Your iphone’s camera is used to scan your credit cards and add them to passbook (with verification of course). Instantly you are able to now use that cart for payments. More as this develops. The new service is launching in the US first with Visa, MasterCard and American Express with more banks and services being added daily.







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