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One of our favorite places to experience “smart” technology is in the kitchen–and if you thought that you could never be impressed by a coffee maker, you’ll want to learn more about the Berlin from Bonaverde. Take a listen as we chat with head of U.S. Operations, Liz wald, and learn why…(Read More)

The Soundcast VG7 isn’t just a Bluetooth speaker…it’s a Bluetooth speaker designed for audiophiles. Take a listen as we chat with Charity Hardwick, and learn why the VG7 is like no other Bluetooth speaker you’ve ever listened to… &nbsp…(Read More)

ASUS continues to impress with not only their tradition PCs and laptops, but their Republic of Gamers brand as well–and we recently had a chance to chat with Randall Grilli about all things ASUS, including their brilliant ROG rigs…(Read More)

It’s hard for gaming accessory manufacturers to stand out–especially with all of the accessories currently on the market; but the folks at Bionik managed to catch our eye at E3 with their fresh approach, excellent quality, and attention to detail. Take a listen as we chat with Crystal Dugan and learn why Bionik…(Read More)