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EDWIN, which is derived from the words “educational win”, is a new learning application that brings an engaging digital experience, personalized learning, and wide-ranging curated content to present the best learning tool possible for students, teachers and administrators. Take a listen as we dive into the platform with Nelson CEO Steve Brown…(Read More)

To celebrate the last episode of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, as well as the release of the Xbox One X, we’re giving away a Fixit-inspired Xbox One controller. We’ve made it incredibly easy to enter (we’ve also given you multiple ways to enter!)… Big thanks to Microsoft and Xbox Design Lab…(Read More)

If you’ve been waiting for Jesse Wellens and Casey Neistat’s latest Halloween collaboration, it’s finally here: Jesse and Casey racing across NYC in Star Wars costumes on Speeder Bikes (links below). But where did those Speeder Bikes come from…and how were Jesse and Casey’s Speeder Bikes made? Check out our…(Read More)

It’s time to get caught up with all of the latest hardware coming from the folks at Google! Take a listen as we chat with Maria Cortellucci, Public Affairs for all Google Hardware in Canada, and see what the software and hardware giant has in store for us…(Read More)

You need to live with some products for a while to get a better sense of what they offer…and video games are no different. Take a listen as we chat with Gaming Editor David Weir, and find out how Destiny 2 holds up two months later…(Read More)