• Sid Meier Taking Us Beyond Earth In New Civilization Title This Fall

    Sid Meier Taking Us Beyond Earth In New Civilization Title This Fall

    No, Firaxis. No, you can’t do this to me. I barely managed to pull myself out of the hole I was in last time. Now there’s space involved… Fine, I accept my fate. …. *ahem* So this weekend at PAX East, 2K and Firaxis announced the next big title in the Civilization franchise. Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth takes off from where most Civilization games end–as the human race sets off into space to find new worlds to colonize. The launch trailer above certainly sets the scene for a very different Civilization setting than we’ve seen before… Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is scheduled to become a massive time sink for Windows, Mac and Linux this fall.

  • Google Announces Android Wear

    Google Announces Android Wear

    In a move surprising to pretty much no one, Google has announced their “Android Wear” that plans to bring the OS to various wearable devices. First up will be a series of watches, coming in an array of different styles and manufactured by several companies. The new mobile platform is designed to offer notifications, messages and an array of social networking features as well as incorporating the new “Google Now” system–allowing users to set alarms, ask questions, get reminders based on previous activities, and even control other devices simply by saying “Ok Google.” With LG and Motorola both releasing Android-enabled watches later in the year, this could be the next big step for Google OS. Google is already releasing developer preview information about Android Wear, and you can check out their promotional video after the jump.

  • South Park: The Stick Of Truth Available Now

    South Park: The Stick Of Truth Available Now

    After being announced at E3 2012, it’s been a long wait but Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s foul mouthed kids have made it to consoles in the form of South Park: The Stick Of Truth. The first South Park game to be written by the show’s creators, South Park: The Stick Of Truth allows you to insert yourself as the new kid at South Park Elementary, embarking on an epic quest to become cool. Along the way you will battle Underpants Gnomes, aliens and hippies, with Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman by your side. The INCREDIBLY not safe for work trailer for South Park: The Stick Of Truth can be found here, and the game is available now on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • Bethesda Unleashes Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition And New Trailer

    Bethesda Unleashes Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition And New Trailer

    I’ve made no secret of the amount of time I’ve spent in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (pushing 400 hours now); so it’s fair to say I’ve been looking at The Elder Scrolls Online with “interest” (read: barely contained anticipation). Today, Bethesda has rewarded that interest with details of the The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition; available for pre-purchase now on the newly launched The Elder Scrolls Online Store (as well as pre-ordering through retailers), this edition comes in both physical and digital flavors. The Physical Imperial Edition contains a 12” statue featuring Molag Bal, the Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel, a physical map of Tamriel, and a heap of digital content including the ability to play as an Imperial, a white Imperial horse, a Mudcrab pet, and special Rings of Mara that give you experience bonuses when playing with a friend (the Digital Imperial Edition contains all the digital content detailed for the Physical Edition). In addition to […]

  • Google Glass Experience: Walking the Dog

    Google Glass Experience: Walking the Dog

    If you do not know already, I am testing a pair of Google Glass and having a ball doing so. This week I wanted to give you an example of using Google Glass on the go, exploring some of its finer points, as well as its limitations. My challenges this week: Freezing cold temperatures, poor lighting, and an indecisive canine. Lets go for a walk with my dog Kobe and Google Glass. Join me, will you?

  • YourTechReport Radio Season 1, Episode 30

    YourTechReport Radio Season 1, Episode 30

    This week on YourTechReport Radio, we not only bring you all of the latest news from the world of gadgets and technology, we also bring back David Weir to talk about his first two weeks with the Xbox One; we even have some good news for PlayStation 4 fans, as well as some holiday shopping news from Apple and AT&T. As easy as it is to listen to our show right here, it’s even more fun to hear live on SiriusXM–every Saturday at 1pm Eastern on channel 167.

  • YourTechReport Radio Season 1, Episode 29

    Just in case you missed our last episode of YourTechReport Radio on SiriusXM (every Saturday at 1pm Eastern on ch.167), here’s episode 29 in its entirety. What did we cover? In addition to our News of the Week, we also go hands-on with Booq’s new Viper Hardcase 11 (a must-have for anyone toting an 11″ Macbook Air or Chromebook), as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Enjoy!







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