Posts Currently viewing the category: "Multimedia" In a move surprising to pretty much no one, Google has announced their “Android Wear” that plans to bring the OS to various wearable devices. First up will be a series of watches, coming in an array of different styles and manufactured by several companies. The new mobile platform is designed…(Read More)

After being announced at E3 2012, it’s been a long wait but Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s foul mouthed kids have made it to consoles in the form of South Park: The Stick Of Truth. The first South Park game to be written by the show’s creators, South Park: The Stick Of…(Read More)

If you do not know already, I am testing a pair of Google Glass and having a ball doing so. This week I wanted to give you an example of using Google Glass on the go, exploring some of its finer points, as well as its limitations. My challenges this week: Freezing cold temperatures, poor…(Read More)