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The latest member of NVIDIA’s Shield line of devices is the new Shield TV. Chris Daniel, Director of Product Management for Shield, joined us to talk about this slimmed down version which adds a slew of new features ready to take on your living room – without forgetting its roots in gaming…(Read More)

We’re all familiar with the current version of wireless charging which usually involves placing your device on a charging pad or base; but truly wireless charging will allow your device to charge over-the-air, and even works with electric cars. Take a listen as we talk to WiTricity’s Sanjay Gupta, and learn…(Read More)

We’ve been teasing this one for a while…but it’s finally here: We’re giving away a brand new X-Star Premium 4K drone, courtesy of our friends at Autel Robotics. Check out the video below, then head to our YouTube channel for all of the details on how to enter. …and good…(Read More)