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This week we take a dive into our holiday gift guide and best tech of 2017. In today’s episode we start by tackling two main categories: Tech Toys and Smart Home. Plus a great conversation with Funko’s Mark Robben on what to expect heading into this holiday season…(Read More)

Meet Otto, a smart lock that will redefine the term itself. We spoke with founder Sam Jadallah all about Otto and introduced our listeners to a new lock designed for us all. Take a listen to our conversation with Sam…(Read More)

Thought the Ford Mustang was already fast enough? Think again. Take a listen as we chat with Ford marketing Manager Mark Schaller, and learn how the original Pony Car just got turned up to eleven…(Read More)

EDWIN, which is derived from the words “educational win”, is a new learning application that brings an engaging digital experience, personalized learning, and wide-ranging curated content to present the best learning tool possible for students, teachers and administrators. Take a listen as we dive into the platform with Nelson CEO Steve Brown…(Read More)