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Roomba Beware: The New RYDIS Line Vacuums AND Mops!

H67-Pro-H68-Pro-ComboLet’s face it: There are some folks out there that simply aren’t impressed by a watch that tells you the weather and notifies you of incoming calls and texts–after all, we already have smartphones that can do that. But robotic vacuums? That’s a completely different story…and I’ve yet to talk with anyone who wouldn’t be willing to give up their vacuum routine if there was an automated option that fit their budget. While Roomba made a big splash with its original line of robotic vacuums, Moneual is taking it to the next level with its 2 new RYDIS models–the H67 Pro and H68 Pro. In addition to vacuuming your floors, both models are also able to mop up your messes, with the H68 even supplying its own water tank–an industry first. Both vacuums promise excellent battery life, as well as motors that feature a 5,000 hour lifespan–which, unless you’re Howard Hughes, should be more than enough to keep your floors clean well into the next decade. The H67 Pro and H68 Pro list for $399 and $499 respectively, and you can check out all of the details, including retail availability, after the jump.

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Nest Protect sales halted due to problem that could potentially delay a fire alarm

Nest Labs is halting sales of its new Protect smoke detector after determining that one of its flagship features could accidentally delay its alarm from going off during a fire. The feature, Nest Wave, allows homeowners to wave at the Protect to turn off its alarm, should it sound when there isn’t actually an issue. Nest has now found that this feature could be unintentionally activated. It hasn’t had any reports of this happening outside of a lab, but it’s preemptively halting sales and deactivating the feature on existing units with the hope of avoiding it.

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Amazon Enters Media Streaming Hardware Arena with Fire TV

b-slate-01-lg-hover2It was only a matter of time…

Amazon has been building its digital media library (music, movies, television shows) for quite some time; and while they’ve happily allowed third parties to deliver their content over numerous platforms, it only makes sense that they’d eventually commit to some first-party streaming hardware. Available now for $99, Amazon’s brand new Fire TV not only packs a punch on the hardware side (quad-core processor, 1080p output, 2GB of  RAM, and dedicated graphics processor), it also brings some innovation in its user interface, allowing voice commands through a microphone on the included Bluetooth remote. Along with Amazon Instant Video, the device streams content from some of the most popular 3rd party providers, including Netflix, HuluPlus, Vimeo, ESPN and Pandora. Fire TV also has something called ASAP (a clever acronym that stands for “Advanced Streaming and Prediction) that uses your viewing history to predict what shows you may like and pre-load them for you, thus cutting down the time it takes for your media to begin playing. Amazon has also forged relationships on the gaming side (a $40 Fire remote is sold separately), making it a good choice for casual gamers. There’s lots to see here, and we’ll have even more once we get one in-hand; but for now, you can head to Amazon’s product page to learn more about Fire TV.

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Nest’s Learning Thermostat lands in the UK for £179

Nest officially entered the UK market last year with the launch of its smoke and carbon monoxide detector Protect, but curiously, the Learning Thermostat the company’s known for remained exclusive to North America. That changes today, however, with…

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Oculus VR’s John Carmack sees bright future in Facebook deal

When Facebook said it would buy Oculus VR, many eyes turned to Oculus CTO John Carmack. Would Quake’s co-creator be happy with the deal when Facebook sees virtual reality gaming as just the beginning? Thankfully, it looks like he’s staying put. In a…

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Panasonic’s HX-A500 wearable action cam serves up 4K video at 25fps

If you don’t mind your wearable action cam being tethered to a separate unit for wrangling controls, Panasonic’s HX-A500 offers 4K video capture in return. The company touts the camera as the “world’s first” option for said resolution, recording the…

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Booqpad for the iPad Air Promises Protection and Versatility…

booqpad_black_comboWe’ve come to expect only the best from Booq when it comes to protecting our precious gear…and that applies to our tablets as well.

Taking everything they’ve learned from their excellent gadget bag line, Booq has just released the Booqpad for the iPad Air–offering full protection for your Apple tablet, while still providing functionality and full accessibility. While most would be satisfied with the folio-style design (that provides multiple typing angles) and the magnetic clasp system that keeps it all together, Booq adds that extra old-school touch by providing a pad inside of the case, letting us know that the ancient art of actually “taking notes” is still alive and kicking. Bravo, Booq–you had us at hello…

The new Booqpad for iPad Air retails for $60, and you can click past the jump for the full PR.

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Ray-Ban and Oakley are working with Google Glass

Google only recently announced versions of its Glass headset attached to conventional specs and sunglasses, but a new partnership with Luxottica, the company behind Oakley and Ray-Ban, will give it a significant boost. Described as a strategic…

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Sprint gets the Galaxy S 5 and Gear smartwatches April 11th, pre-orders go live today

Sprint’s getting the Galaxy S 5, too. And like fellow underdog T-Mobile, the carrier plans to offer Samsung’s flagship handset for no dinero upfront on its Easy Pay plan. Which means, you still have to pay, but just in 24 monthly increments. Those…

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Moto 360 Coming this Summer

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.53.02 AMOn Tuesday we told you about Google’s new Android Wear smartwatch platform, and yesterday Motorola announced its first device to use this platform–the Moto 360. Going for a more conventional (and far more stylish) look, the Moto 360 features a round designed, as opposed to the square shape we’re used to seeing on smartwatches; Motorola also promises a new charging solution (there’s no USB port on the watch), as well as long battery life–which has been an issue with previous models from other manufacturers. Motorola also chose to leave the picture-taking duties to your smartphone, as the Moto 360 has no camera–a smart decision, as cameras not only add bulk, but also seem unnecessary when most phones already do a  pretty decent job taking pictures. We’ll have more information on Moto 360 as it becomes available; until then, you can click here to head over to Motorola’s dedicated site.

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