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GoPro Hero 4 Announced


GoPro has announced its new lineup of Hero cameras. The Her4 Black is a new flagship model that is capable of 4K video at 30 fps. It will also take stills at 8.3MP but there’s more. Hero4 Silver offers a touch screen and recovers 2.7k at 30fps, 1080 at 60fps and 720…(Read More)

Doorbot Rebranded As Ring


Remember Doobot, the video doorbell that was a Kickstarter success? The company is moving on up with the announcement of Ring, its second generation video doorbell. The original Kickstarter raised a whipping $250,000 for the first generation product to it serves as good news that is is being upgraded to v2. Existing purchasers get…(Read More)

A smidge over two months after Apple announced its plan to nab Dr. Dre’s headphone and music streaming interests, the folks in Cupertino have officially welcomed Beats to the family. The US government didn’t seem to take issue with the purchase…(Read More)