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Mackie Updates Master Fader App for DL-Series Mixers

DL806_FrontSlantThe whole concept of apps is fantastic–especially when a simple update can bring new features that would have otherwise required a new piece of hardware. Enter Mackie’s Master Fader version 2.1. The new update brings a wealth of new features including a 4-band parametric EQ plus HPF/LPF on all outputs, as well as alignment delay to adjust to room temperature and multi language support. The Master Fader app update is free to those with the app and a compatible DL-series mixer from Mackie. Man, I love technology! Check the video below to see the new features in action, and the full PR is after the jump.

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Feenix Aria: The Gaming Headset for the Audiophile with Taste

Feenix-Aria-1Despite becoming more and more common amongst gamers, headsets for gaming remain a market that is oversaturated with expensive, yet low-quality, products. Feenix, a specialist in gaming peripherals, is looking to change that with the release of their top-of-the-line headset, the Aria. Boasting studio-level audio quality, the Aria is a luxury gaming headset that is hoping to blow its competition out of the water with a sleek design and incredible sound quality. As an added bonus, the microphone is a separate clip-on device, allowing the Aria to double as regular headphones that you can use on-the-go or at home. The Aria is available for pre-order at for $349, and for more information you can check the full release after the jump.

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Bowers & Wilkins Introduces All New 600 Series

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.14.27 PMOur good friends at Bowers and Wilkins have announced the all new 600 series loudspeakers, bringing high-end sound within reach of more consumers looking for the ultimate in home sound and design. Designed not only for home theater, but for the highest fidelity stereo applications as well, the new 600 series starts at $550 per pair, and goes up to $1,650 per pair for the 683 model. We’ve yet to get our hands on these speakers, but if history is any indication, home audio enthusiasts should definitely pay attention, as we’ve yet to be disappointed by any speakers bearing the Bowers & Wilkins name. For more information, check the full release after the jump.

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Shazam Making it Easier to Stream, Buy and Watch

shazam-iphone-feb-2014_thumbnailOne of the very first iPhone apps I can recall is Shazam – and the company is still going strong. Its latest app not only makes it easier to buy or stream content, it also gives you even faster access to lyrics and music videos, making the service way more useful and interactive than simply trying to figure out the name of the Metallica song that’s playing on SiriusXM. iOS users get the love right now, while Android users can expect the update shortly.

Stay tuned…

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iRig Mic HD Brings Recording to the Mac and iOS

irigmichdThe folks at IK multimedia are delivering some new recording options to those with iOS. The iRig Mic HD brings a hand-held option to the Mac and iOS for just $99. The digital condenser microphone features a 24-bit digital converter and sits beautifully in a mic stand or your hand; it features a built-in preamp and LED status indicator which will allow you to keep levels in check, and works with Lightning connector and USB to play nice with both the Mac and mobile devices. We’ll have our full review as soon as we get our hands on one, so stay tuned.

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ZOOM Releases new iOS Microphones, HD Recorder and Thunderbolt Audio Interface at NAMM

The NAMM pro audio conference kicked off this week and some exciting news comes from one of our favorite companies, ZOOM, as they’ve introduced the new iQ5 stereo Microphone, Zoom Q4 Handy Recorder, and Zoom TAC-2 Thunderbolt interface. The iQ5 is a microphone specifically designed for Lightning-port-equipped iOS devices and retails for $99.99; the Q4 Handy Recorder is designed for HD video capture in a sleek package at only $299.99, and the TAC-2 is a thunderbolt audio interface for the ultimate in high resolution audio at only $399.99. For more information on all of these products, check the full release after the jump.

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Jabra Sets out to Reinvent the Call Center Headset

jawbone-call-centerJabra is taking a new look at its Call Center Headsets with the BIZ 2300. Designed for front-line call center agents, the new BIZ 2300 headset is lightweight, delivering up to 50 percent better noise cancellation, and features Kevlar cords and a virtually unbreakable boom arm. Will it make those calls from telemarketers any less annoying? Probably not; but at least it will make them sound better…

Check the full release after the jump.

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Bowers & Wilkins Teams with Maserati for New P5 Maserati Edition Headphones

P5 Maserati ImageAs if we didn’t love Bowers & Wilkins enough already, they go and collaborate (again) with Maserati for a special edition of their P5 headphones

One of our favorite headphones of all time has just gotten that much sexier thanks to a touch of Italian inspiration. The new P5 Maserati Edition Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones sport the same beautiful aluminum and leather design–but this time the leather is Maserati racing blue; the new P5s also feature Maserati’s iconic trident logo, as well as an exclusive quilted leather travel pouch. Will these sporty new touches improve on the audio quality of an already brilliant headphone? Probably not–but that doesn’t mean we’ll want them any less. The P5 Maserati Edition headphones retail for $399, and you can click past the jump for all of the details…

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Karaoke Fun For at Home or On-The-Go


Do you like singing? Do you like  your friends yelling notes that sort of resemble sounds that may or may not be in the song you were attempting to recreate? Then you need to check out Singing Machine’s newest addition: “The Home.” Built with fun and convenience in mind, The Home is a big party in a relatively small package. Featuring dual functionality as both a Bluetooth speaker and a karaoke machine, The Home offers instant access to over 8000 HD karaoke music videos while connecting to your home theater via HDMI.  A sleek remote (that also functions as a mic) rounds out the features and helps create a seamless experience from selecting a song to singing it. The Home retails for $299 and can be found at or your local Best Buy store.

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Apogee Brings Mobile Recording to New Levels

apogee_mic_96k-800x508Mobile recording is a fast-growing market, featuring more powerful mobile devices with greater capabilities. Apogee is taking advantage of the trend with the introduction of a new MiC 96k processional digital microphone designed for use with the iPhone, iPad and Mac; also being introduced is the JAM 96k guitar adapter for the same devices. The MiC 96l combines a mic, preamp and analog-to-digital converted, all in a small package, that outputs broadcast quality audio. The product’s body includes a steel-mesh housing with a gain control knob and multicolor LED, and a port on the bottom that is compatible with Apple’s Lightning and 30-pin connectors, or a USB interface. Garageband and Logic are compatible with the MiC 96k out of the box, with other iOS apps also supported.


The JAM 96k is compatible with electric, bass, and acoustic guitars accompanied by pickups, and can also deliver 24-bit/96kHz audio. It includes tube amp tone emulation, a built-in analog-to-digital converter, and instrument preamp–plus, it comes with all of the required cables for Mac and is compatible with Garageband, Log and iOS apps. The JAM will retail for $129, while the MiC 96k will be $229, both available on Apogee’s online store.

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