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This week is going to be a big one in the tech world, with some of the biggest brands in tech announcing their quarterly earnings, while others are announcing and celebrating new products. Microsoft’s Surface hits the market officially on Friday,and tomorrow Apple is expected to unveil something a “little” more–which may…(Read More)

Amazon has begun renting out paper textbooks. Many of the more expensive $30-60 text books are rented by the semester, which Amazon counts as 130 days. You can extend your rental period for an additional 15 days, but only once. Plus, Amazon will cover the shipping for both sending and returning your books–making…(Read More)

…at least according to Scott Steinberg, author of The Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games. Of course, he is backed by some pretty serious research–including studies done at Duke, Harvard and the Office of Naval Research…and these studies show that gaming is good for far more than just enhancing small…(Read More)