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Rogers in Canada has inked an enormous deal with the National Hockey League that covers a vast number of broadcasting rights over multiple mediums. The landmark deal will cost the carrier and broadcaster $5.2 billion over 12 years and includes NHL broadcast and multimedia coverage on all platforms and in all languages. The deal…(Read More)

Sure, it’s fun to read all of the latest tech news and reviews; but while in your car, wouldn’t it be easier (and safer) to simply listen to us? Well you can…on YourTechReport Radio–every Saturday at 1pm Eastern on SiriusXM channel 167. On this week’s show, Marc and I will…(Read More)



The Boys are back! Mitchell, David, Juan and Marc are all present and accounted for; and with subjects ranging from Google Glass and mobile audio, to video games and digital television distribution, we promise there’s something here for everyone (or at least everyone who likes tech). Enjoy…(Read More)

I’ll confess that I only watch the early audition episodes of American Idol, so I’ve never gotten far enough into a season to actually vote for anyone. For those of you who do cast votes however, you can now rack up 50 votes for your favorite contestant using three new Online AT&amp…(Read More)