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I know some contractors that will find this iPhone accessory particularly handy… FLIR is a thermal case for the iPhone 5 and 5S that delivers thermal imaging from heat signatures, animals, and other environmental sources up to 100 feet away. Add on infrared capabilities and a battery that will keep the case powered for up…(Read More)

AViiQ has announced their 2012 line up of travel solutions and the key word here is “portability” – but not without quality and purpose. From their Slim Surge Protector and ready-to-plug in iPod, Mini and Micro USB connectors, to slim travel adapters – there’s something for every traveler that’s worthy of packing in…(Read More)

Ever since the iPad was released, more and more companies are trying to find ways to use them to present ideas, save paper, and become more digital. One particular use is in kiosks; but securing the iPad and locking out access to things like the dock connector and home buttons make that more and more…(Read More)

I spent a lot of time with Nokia folks this year at CES. In a market where a lot of companies felt like they were treading water (or starting to drown), Nokia reps seemed genuinely excited about the future. They should. I think they’re finally on the right track to become relevant in the…(Read More)