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2015 was a great year in tech…and a great year for our show as well. So what do we do for an encore? We start with our CES 2016 coverage…and you can hear it all this Saturday at our new time: 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern) on SiriusXM ch. 167. So make sure you…(Read More)

The Alienware Alpha is not only the first successful attempt at creating a genuine PC gaming console, it’s also one of our favorite gadgets of the past year. So how did Alienware follow-up its successful release? With a price reduction, of course! Alienware has reduced the price of the Alpha by $50…which…(Read More)

Microsoft have been unveiling all the brand new features of their Windows 10 operating system today and, as part of that announcement, they’ve been showing off the gaming aspects of the new OS. First up there’s now a dedicated Xbox app that allows access to details of all your titles no matter the…(Read More)

The folks at Blizzard have always been a classy bunch…and it’s never been more evident than it is today. If you’ve ever sat down and lost a day (or twelve) playing World of Warcraft, you know how special this game is to its players; the really impressive part is how special its…(Read More)

Apple has announced the brand new 27″ iMac with Retina display, bringing 14.7 Million pixels to their famous iMac lineup; the Retina 5k display has 7x more pixels than on a standard HD TV and 67% more than a 4K display. Taking engineering tips from their MacBook Pro with Retina Display, the new iMac…(Read More)