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Google Now has been a solid product with a unique voice-command interface that really does stand out–even when when compared to Apple’s mighty Siri. Now, the company’s voice element is moving its way to Google Search, as the service will soon be rolling out to all U.S. English-speaking users…(Read More)

So first of all, it was a funny experience. I put out a call to case manufacturers for a little help while we are reviewing the GS4, and Minisuit responded by sending us their entire GS4 line up. Hit the video below to see our review of MiniSuit’s wares. And we’re giving ALL…(Read More)

Have you ever heard the expression, “If you love something, set it free?” Well apparently, Juan hasn’t–or at least if he has, he certainly hasn’t taken it to heart. And though Juan may have had a bit of a problem letting go, Aaron in Tulsa will have no problem welcoming his new…(Read More)