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Apple revamps iTunes Extras, adding it to Apple TV now and iOS 8 in the fall

Apple’s iTunes Extras feature has always been extremely limited, but that’s just changed. Previously, only desktop users of iTunes could view extras that came with movies purchased from Apple, things like production stills and deleted scenes. Now, as part of iTunes 11.3 — which went out today — along with a push to Apple TV users running the 6.2 version of the software (which was released last week), iTunes Extras will show up alongside any purchased HD films. Apple is also opening it up for movie studios to add additional content at any time, and for free.

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You can now message businesses directly through Yelp

Yelp has a very active community of reviewers, giving you plenty to consider as you search for the perfect restaurant, bar or spa. While the site gives you no shortage of opinions, sometimes you have something specific in mind — like renting out an…

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Verizon lights up improved XLTE data service in 44 states

Well, if the comprehensive leaks from last week weren’t enough, Verizon Wireless has just confirmed that its enhanced XLTE wireless data service is a real thing. Haven’t been keeping tabs on the nuances of nationwide wireless network enhancement?…

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New York’s next big neighborhood is its smartest

“It was always going to be toorrow’s city today. A new heart of New York City; Midtown expanding west.” — Thad Sheely, SVP operations for Related Companies

Tourists come to stop and stare, and sometimes throw pennies. This isn’t a long-standing…

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Burger King Gets Upgraded Wifi Courtesy of AT&T

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.18.50 AMWith wireless internet access playing more of a role in our daily lives, it should come as no surprise that the places that we shop and eat are making a greater effort to be “more connected;” after all, the longer customers stick around to surf the web, the more likely they are to make more purchases. Starbucks got on the WiFi bandwagon pretty early, and it wasn’t long before McDonald’s followed suit–and now Burger King, with help from AT&T, has just upgraded its free WiFi service in all of its U.S. locations. Dubbed Whopper Wi-Fi, the upgraded service promises not only better connectivity, but also an easier and more customizable setup for customers. How does it all work? I’ll let you know on this week’s episode of YourTechReport Radio; because if having a Whopper and fries helps me bring our readers and listeners the information they need, I’m more than willing to put in the time.

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Microsoft Rebrands Office Web Apps to Office Online

OfficecomHomeCrop780Microsoft has rebranded their online Office suite from Office Web Apps to Office Online. The suites have been rebranded which means they will be referred to as Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. The company is promising that sharing will get better with this new rebrand, and, they are making hundreds of templates now available to online users as of today as well.

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Google Looking to Make WiFi Access Easier

google-wifiIs finding a hotspot a tedious and time consuming task for you? If yes, you may like this new app from Google which makes it easier for you to find a hotspot and access it too. The app, which will be available in both the Google Play and iTunes App stores, will eliminate the manual task of connecting to a HotSpot; it detects the closest hotspots for you, authenticates them, and automatically connects them. The app is still in Beta stages, but once it rolls out, it will make Hotspot access easier for all.  There are also signs that Google could partner with the 7000 Starbucks stores across the country to make Hotspot access faster and simpler.

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D-Link Outdoor HD Cloud Camera Now Available

d-link-outdoor-hd-cloud-cameraThe latest offering from D-Link, the Outdoor HD Cloud Camera, is now available for shipping. The camera, like all cloud cameras from D-Link, allows remote surveillance on your property when linked to a laptop, tablet or smartphone (via 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi connection)–thus allowing you to keep an eye on your property, no matter which corner of the world you are in. The new Outdoor HD Cloud Camera offers 720p quality and comes with a weatherproof shell that enables it to function flawlessly even in extreme temperatures (ranging between -13 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit0; the camera also allows you see up to 15 feet clearly, even in the dark, and also has motion sensors that trigger email alerts notifying changes in its surroundings. This handy outdoor camera is available for a price of $179.99 from BestBuy.

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Teens to Get Social Media Lessons from Facebook

facebook-partners-with-apps-for-good-to-teach-unemployed-youth-to-code-video--0dad401d4dThe current generation of kids don’t need to be told how to access the internet–but they sure could use some guidance on what to do and what not to do on the web. With that in mind, social networking giant Facebook has partnered with the Canadian Federation of Teachers for its new initiative called Think Before You Share. This program covers three areas: what kids share, what they do with information shared by others, and what to do when problems arise due to over sharing. The initiative aims at educating young and old internet users in how to safely navigate, as well as how to react appropriately when dealing with social issues like cyber-bullying, sexting, etc. The program encourages children to be responsible when using the web, with the help of a small information kit and posters that will be circulated across schools in Canada.

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Google Rolling Out new Maps Experience Worldwide

new-google-mapsThe new Google Maps experience which was unveiled late last year is now rolling out to users worldwide; the service was initially teased at Google I/O 2013 and has slowly been in beta to invited users. The new experience is smarter than ever before, using your Gmail data and history for relative information in maps, and using suggestions and real-time data to offer up the most accurate results. Users can also search for notable landmarks and even fly above areas in 3D. If you don’t already have it, you should in the next couple of days. Let us know what you think!

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